Thursday, September 25, 2008

Carl Landry to the Bobcats?

First of all, I absolutely love the idea of Landry going to Charlotte. He fits this team in a way Sean May probably never could, and is extremely efficient in the paint. For a player his size (6'7", 250 lbs.), Landry is an excellent rebounder, high-percentage scorer and energetic, explosive athlete with a high ceiling.

Consider his #18 finish in John Hollinger's PER scale (in-depth statistical measure that shows player value)... you've got to remember that his pedestrian 8.1 points per game and 4.9 rebounds per game are coming in less than 20 minutes a night. Given starter's minutes, Landry could blow up this year. Same with Leon Powe from Boston.

Standing in Landry's way is Emeka Okafor - who's likely to slide over to the "5" - and Sean May, who's coming off major surgery. Also in the rotation is Nazr Mohammed, probably the biggest threat to Landry's potential production. If the team decides to go "big", Landry won't play nearly as much as he would against teams like Golden State and New York.

Should be fun to see how this shakes out, but Landry is definitely worth a look in the late rounds of your draft this year. Regardless, he's worth more to you in Charlotte than in Houston, with Luis Scola, Chuck Hayes and Yao Ming patrolling the lane.

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