Monday, November 3, 2008

Allen Iverson to Detroit; Billups to Denver!

We'll have more "update-related" material later today, but here's the latest news: Allen Iverson was traded to Detroit today for Antonio McDyess and Chauncey Billups. The deal is all but done, and none of the players involved in these trades were at their respective teams' practice. Let's take a look:


A lot of people think Rodney Stuckey is going to start now... that's not really how I feel. Richard Hamilton and Allen Iverson are the logical starters here, and it's quite possible that their value goes down instead of up. We all know Iverson likes to shoot, and that's exactly what should worry Hamilton and Stuckey owners. For the players involved, the best case scenario is to put Iverson at SG, Stuckey at PG and to bring Hamilton off the bench. That way, We'll see Hamilton get his shots on the second team without having to fight Iverson all the time. Any way you slice it, Allen Iverson is going to steal production from Stuckey/Hamilton because of his "scoring point guard" mentality. Billups simply was not the threat that Iverson is.

In the frontcourt, we'll see a lot of more of Amir Johnson and Jason Maxiell, and it's probably time to pick both of them up, because with Iverson chucking up shots all game long, there are certain to be more rebound opportunities. Johnson still looks like the better option of the two, though, and will see a slight bump in production with increased minutes.


The Nuggets struck gold in this trade, as they've been looking for a point guard since Andre Miller left two years back. Former Colorado Buffalo Chauncey Billups comes full circle in his career, and is an adequate scorer and solid distributor, as we know. What he does for Denver is provide J.R. Smith with a more solidified role in the offense while have the size and strength to match up with some of the bigger Western Conference guards. Don't expect a large statistical change in Denver, other than a few more assist opportunities.

As far as McDyess is concerned, his role is the same: provide big-man depth. And it should be mentioned that he returns to the place where he became a star in the NBA... unfortunately his body betrayed him and he was relegated to a largely below-the-rim repertoire.

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