Friday, February 20, 2009

Final Trade Analysis... 7:07 AM, Feb. 20

Here's the last deal we have to analyze... for the other four from previous days, scroll down just a bit!

Rafer Alston has been traded to the Magic in part of a three-team deal. The Rockets will receive point guard Kyle Lowry and PF Brian Cook, while the Grizzlies get a first-round draft pick from Orlando in return.

Wow... this was a late-in-the-day deal that has plenty of fantasy appeal in most leagues... Rafer Alston heads to the Orlando Magic, where he'll immediately be slotted as the starting point guard... effectively ending Anthony Johnson's string of extra minutes. Alston will go back to being the fourth option in an explosive offense, but the good news is that assists should come in bushels now. Unfortunately, you Hedo Turkoglu owners will see his dimes fall a bit. All in all, this deal offers the Magic a rudder to their playoff-contending ship, and they could go a long way with Alston at the helm.

The Rockets receive a new point guard in the deal as well... Kyle Lowry. Unfortunately for Lowry, Houston already has a PG-in-waiting with Aaron Brooks, who's slated to start. Good news for Lowry though - Brooks, while impressive in limited playing time, isn't the highly-touted entity the Mike Conley is/was. There's a chance for playing time here, and you should be monitoring the situation for fluctuation in minutes. For now, stick with Brooks as your pick-up du juor.

Last up, the Grizzlies got three things in this deal.

1) PF Brian Cook, who further muddles the frontcourt situation, but probably won't be much of a factor in Memphis.

2) A first-round pick, which is actually pretty good value for Kyle Lowry, even though it's Orlando's pick (and they're pretty much a lock to be in the bottom six first-rounders).

3) A clear path of playing time for Mike Conley. Ever since Conley started getting big-time minutes, there's been a bit of a shadow cast over his name because of Kyle Lowry's decent play this season. Now that the preverbial "monkey" has been taken off his back, Conley becomes a solid starter in most 12-team leagues for the rest of the year. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading our continued coverage of the NBA Trade Deadline... for more trade analysis from previous deals, scroll down just a bit! Have a great day!

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