Sunday, March 22, 2009

Garnett Back; The Disappearing Man

Whether you're a Timberwolves fan, Celtic fan or just a fan of Kevin Garnett, it's always good to see "The Big Ticket" return from injury. The NBA - and your fantasy roster - simply isn't the same without the multi-dimensional, super-intense power forward. He and his 17-point, 8.6 rebound numbers have played a couple of games for Boston this week, notching only 15 and 17 minutes in each. This, of course, isn't enough to count on in the playoffs, but in a four-game week in Week 22, it could be the last time this season you get to place KG in your lineup. The fact of the matter is that Week 23 is the horrid two-game variety for Boston, and you likely won't be able to justify inserting Garnett, no matter how much you want to.


Hakim "The Disappearing Man" Warrick has re-surfaced yet again this season, dropping 20 points and six rebounds against Boston on Saturday (3/21). What's more, Warrick is putting up 15.75 points and 4.75 rebounds over the past four games. As usual, you've got to start him with extreme caution, because as we've learned in 2008-09 (and before), Warrick's value never levels off. Expect a dip in production, followed by a nice three-game stretch before the end of the year.


  • In a massive resurgence, Samuel Dalembert went for 15 points and 23 points last night and has had an incredible 10-day stretch of 9.5 points and 14.5 boards with 2.2 blocks. You won't find a much better option at center in the NBA right now.

  • Monta Ellis has continued his hot streak, putting up 25.1 points per game over the past six... also putting up 4.3 rebounds and 4.6 rebounds over that span. Gotta love it!

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