Monday, September 22, 2008

New Rankings, Live Advice Schedule Coming Soon!

Good afternoon! We've got some good news today - our first Draft Guide updates are coming through at the end of the week! Rankings will be updated by the weekend, and the Live Advice schedule will be up tomorrow, or Wednesday at the latest. By the way, for all you subscribers, Live Advice starts next week! 

And if you're not sure about "Live Advice", or don't know what it is... here's a quick explanation: 
  • Live Advice is a way for you to get answers NOW! Simply click the live advice link during a scheduled time, and one of our fantasy experts will be standing by to give you the latest information on injuries, player info, etc. Best of all, you get expert opinions on your trades, lineup moves and waiver-wire pickups! 
  • Live Advice comes with your subscription to the draft guide! In addition, you can purchase "LA" all season long!
NBA Notes: This is slightly old news, but new Celtic Darius Miles was suspended the first 10 games of the season for violating league drug policy. It's easy to forget that Miles is just 26 years old, and could be a major factor this year if his health doesn't betray him...  that's pretty much all for today! 

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