Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Injuries galore!

There's some good news and bad news... we'll start with the bad.

Tracy McGrady: After suffering a knee injury last night (yeah, it's his surgically repaired knee), McGrady said he's going to 'shut it down' for awhile. Could be a week... could be a month. Could it be more? Time will tell. I have a friend who just traded T-Mac, and he's thanking his lucky stars. The other guy? Not so much.

Ron Artest: We know how nasty ankle sprains can be at times [see: Williams, Deron and Redd, Michael], and Artest had a not-so-good sprain last night. The severity is not yet known, but we know this much: he's not playing his next game. Stinks for all those owners who thought it'd be a good idea to play him on a four-game week. What were they thinking?

Yao Ming: We'll finish with some better news - Yao Ming suffered a minor foot injury, but it looks like he'll be all good for the next game. 

In all this mess, it's easy to get pissed and stop thinking, but Carl Landry, Luis Scola and Shane Battier become much better fantasy options. Scola even had 23 points, nine rebounds last night. Make the most of a bad situation! 

In addition, Charlie Villanueva declared that he will NOT play tonight or tomorrow, which opens the door for Luc Richard Mbah a Moute to continue piling up points and rebounds... Last, Mikki Moore had an ankle sprain Sunday night and will miss the team's next two games. Time to get Spencer Hawes and Jason Thompson active! 

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John said...

You gotta give credit to Luis Scola on the way he step up his game when the likes of Yao, T-Mac & Artest are injured. For me he is the main reason why I believe that the Rockets do have a shot at the title.

People always like to talk SA Spurs Big Three or Kobe & the Lakers in the West. But I always felt that many people underate the Rockets.

This time they have a strong supporting cast and in Scola particularly, they have another superstar who has seen many great success in his career.

I wish to hear your views about the game against the Thunders?


J-mizzle said...

I agree with you... the Rockets are underrated for sure. It's weird how this initial update was exactly the opposite of what happened.